Episode 03 | Public Relations with Mel Cordier III

Running Time | 1 hr 13 minutes

Public relations is so much more than just sending out press releases and social management, and according to Mel Cordier III of ManoCo Int’l Public Relations, PR is what “keeps a person or business, a brand, or an entity attached to their target audience”. Mel has been working in the PR field for 5 years, and in episode 5, Mel gives great insight on what goes on behind the scenes in PR, tips on managing your brand’s PR on a small budget, and knowing when it’s okay to give your brand a political or social voice. Tune in to learn more on:

  • What is public relations
  • Tips & ways to market your brand
  • Handling your business’ PR
  • Handling PR nightmares
  • How to get started in public relations
  • Managing a business while working full time

Tweet: “Do not give up on your dream because the employer that you work for, they didn’t give up on theirs” @MJRockefeller


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Links to Secretary of State  websites (US states)


Name.com (If you use this link, you’ll receive $5 towards a NAME.com purchase)


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Shopify (This is the e-commerce platform used for Creole Amour; there is a free 14 day trial)




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