Episode 04 | Get Motivated w/ Chidi Wosu

Running Time | 1 hr 15 minutes

Let’s be honest, sometimes (or many times) figuring out your purpose and following your purpose, while being motivated to do so, can often be a challenging task. We can be unaware or unsure if what we are doing is what we should be doing, and once we’ve discovered or realized the answer, then we may wonder how to get it done. These are some of the thoughts and questions author and speaker Chidi Wosu discusses in this episode. She lets us in on how she managed to find her purpose, what led her to creating her devotional #IWILL, the process of writing and self publishing her devotional, how things came together, tons of encouragement, and more!

Tune in for more on:

  • Following your purpose
  • Finding courage ask for help/ learning what you don’t know
  • Finding your target audience
  • Tips on writing a book
  • Tips on being a speaker
  • Encouragement & Motivation

Tweet: “A lot of times you don’t realized what you are being called to puts you under a more intense type of fire because of the high calling on your life.” -Chidi Wosu



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