Episode 02 | Business Branding with Robin Miller

Running Time | 1 hour 6 minutes

Business branding, marketing, logos, and websites are such significant parts in developing a business or brand, and yet it can be so elusive at times. Well, for this episode Robin Miller, the owner and designer of  Bird’s Eye View Branding and Design Studio, lets us in on a great deal of information about branding your business. Robin has been working in the branding and design field for over eight years and she gives her expertise in knowing your brand, choosing a designer for your logo (and key things to consider), website platforms, and so much more. She also gives tips and drops jewels for those getting into business as a graphic designer.

Robin Miller Of Bird's Eye View Branding & Design Studio


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Square Cash

Big Vision Segment

@Lesleyadeyemi | www.ade-yemi.com


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Website:  www.bev-disgn.com  | Email: info@bev-design.com

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