Episode 05 |Knowing Who You are w/ RC

Running Time | 1 hr 18 minutes

Getting to know yourself and being honest about who you are is a part of life, but how often do we realize that it’s directly connected to how we operate in business and our careers? This episode with artist and photographer Ronald “RC” Carter, of RSEE takes a dive into becoming who we want to be without catering to societal norms and standards, having patience and going with the flow of life, building each day to reach our goals, and ultimately putting our tag on our brand and business.

Tune in for more on:

  • Importance of personal growth
  • Finding what you love
  • Overcoming fear
  • Preparing to work full time with your business
  • Photography Tips

Tweet: “You need to do something everyday to remind yourself that you are who you believe you are because the world is going to tell you not to believe who you think you are.” -@3RSEE


Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop


Afterlight (iOS)

Afterlight (Android)

Big Vision Segment

Carmelo Anthony


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