Episode 06 | Holistic Wellness with Cassie Brown

Running Time | 1 hr 22 minutes

The answer to a better and healthier you isn’t only about the gym and having a healthy diet, but it’s diving deeper into your why, and that’s what Holistic Nutritionist, Cassie Brown of Candid Health, set out to do after her experiences of overcoming weight loss and acne. Cassie talks about her empathy for others and their situations, which led her to starting her company Candid Health where she offers services to get to the root of problems hindering others from living healthier lifestyles. She discusses her journey to becoming a Holistic Nutritionist, the spiritual connection between health and wellness, being a busy parent and spouse while running a business, and more.

Tune in for more on:

  • Tips for a healthier lifestyle
  • Difference between plant base and vegan
  • Tips on becoming a holistic nutritionist

Tweet: “I just want people to be comfortable because when it comes to your health and your wellness it’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, no one is perfect. It’s all about progression and trying our best.” -Cassie Brown of Candid Health








Health Resources:

EWG (Dirty Dozen)

Think Dirty App

Big Vision Segment

Rizos Curls by Julissa Prado

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Website:  www.candidhealth.me | Email: cassie@candidhealth.me 


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